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Accessories for your 2012 Ford Ranger or Toyota Hilux

We all like to look good going into the new year, perhaps make a new year's resolution. Well so have two of our best pick-ups. This year, the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux have come to us looking better than ever before certainly proving to be bigger, smarter and more challenge worthy than ever seen before.

Toyota Hilux 2012Ford Ranger 2012

Now it's nice to have a smart, new truck - for a while - but there is nothing better than accessorising your pick-up.

Protect your new truck with items such as bedliners and skid plates. Stainless steel accessories such as front spoiler protectors provide great protection plus look good on your vehicle.

Style your pick-up with front bars, roll bars and side steps. These stainless steel accessories are perfect for enhancing the aesthetics.

Must have accessories for your brand new pick-up truck have got to be a form of load bed cover. Whether you opt for a hard tonneau cover or push the boat out and have a hardtop, bed covers are perfect. If you need to secure work tools and equipment safely out of view, if your other half enjoys seeing how much shopping they can fit into the loadbed (without it spilling over the sides) or even if you have dogs and need somewhere safe they can travel how can you possibly go wrong with a hard top or tonneau cover accessory.


Toyota Hilux 2012 RearThe new Hilux has been given a more ‘aggressive and indestructable' look. The 2012 facelift Hilux boasts a new bonnet, grille, headlamps and bumper making it look more rough and ready to go.

Auto Styling's range of accessories includes plastic, stainless steel and bed cover accessories. A wide variety of the Hilux accessories have been carried over from the previous Mk6 2005-2011 model. These include accessories such as bedliners, tonneau covers and hardtops, roll bars, side bars and steps and skid plates. These are accessories which size and fitting position has not changed from the last model. New accessories are also available that have specifically been designed for the changes to the 2012 Toyota Hilux. Front bars and spoiler protectors are available for the newly facelifted front end of the Hilux along with protective accessories such as bonnet guards, headlamp protectors and light guards which are both practical and pleasing to the eye.


Ford Ranger 2012 RearBigger, comfier and more presence then before the new Ford is certainly the most supreme Ranger of them all. You may have waited a while for this new pick-up to come out and maybe have to wait longer for your truck to be made, so why not check out our range of accessories that are made specifically to suit the 2012 Ford Ranger, providing practicality and further enhancing the new and improved style.

There is a good variety of products currently available for the new Ranger. These accessories include protective accessories, stainless steel and plastic, practical and styling accessories. Bedliners, bonnet guards and headlamp protectors are available to protect the outer features of your brand new Ranger. If your after a practical truck where you can store tools, equipment and shopping securely out of view then tonneau covers and hardtops are available. Fitting a hard top will also increase the load carrying capacity. Stainless steel roll bars, side bars and front bars are available complimenting the Ranger's standard styling well.