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Truckman has secured the exclusive distribution rights in the UK for Steinbauer Performance for 4x4 Pick-up trucks, a unique engine accessory that increases the power and torque of diesel engines by around 20 percent.

The Steinbauer Performance Power Enhancement is an electronic module that plugs directly into existing engine electrics and increases the power of the engine by 20 percent once the electronics sense it is required, i.e. when overtaking, towing or off-roading.

Unlike cheaper alternative products, the desired performance enhancement is achieved by lengthening the duration of fuel injection, rather than increasing the fuel pressure, which can cause damage to the engine. This technology is unique to Steinbauer performance products, which in addition, increases the power only when necessary, at 65% power output, which limits excessive fuel consumption.

Truckman stock a Steinbauer kit for the majority of pick-up models. The modules all come with a three-year warranty and the facility for an optional extra of an on-off switch that allows the user to activate and deactivate the boost when necessary.

Steinbauer Performance is a OE independent developer, manufacturer and global supplier of electronic components and additional modules for modern diesel and turbocharged petrol engines.

Mike Wheeler, Managing Director of Truckman, said: “Securing the exclusive distribution rights for Steinbauer Performance‘s Power Enhancement is a major coup for Truckman and will deliver great value for our pick-up customers.

“Many of our clients use their vehicles for commercial purposes and transport heavy loads, which can make it difficult to reach the desired speeds – our new product will overcome this issue and many more faced by customers that require extra power.”