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Auto Styling Truckman are the exclusive UK distributors of the first aluminum tonneau cover to facilitate the fitting of an optional styling roll bar.

Designed to fit all existing Double Cab and Extra Cab models for the leading pick-up truck marques, the new stylish Upstone tonneau cover provides a stylish and functional way to create a robust and secure storage space in the bed of the vehicle.

Currently the only product on the market that has been manufactured to facilitate the addition of a styling roll bar, the cover features a non-drill mounting system for a hassle-free installation – the product does however include a device to allow the tonneau and vehicle tailgate to be locked together. This device does require a four small holes to be drilled on the inside of the tailgate, but it does make the whole cargo area secure.

As well as creating a secure and weather proof space for tools and materials, the tonneau can also help improve fuel consumption by reducing the drag caused by wind turbulence in the open bed while moving.

Designed to complement the style and finish of the cover, a new Upstone styling roll bar has also been introduced, which doesn’t impair the cover’s ability to easily open and close. Ideal for both leisure and commercial use, the Upstone tonneau cover and styling roll bars are available in silver and a striking black aluminum.

Mike Wheeler, Managing Director of Auto Styling Truckman, said: “For many pick-up truck owners it’s important to achieve a blend of style and function, which is why the two new Upstone products are ideal for our customers.”