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A new range of Truckman hardtops have been unveiled for the new generation 2016 Toyota Hilux.

The new hardtops have been skilfully designed to complement the new stylish lines of the Hilux while maintaining Truckman’s renowned and impressive build-quality.

For over 30 years, Truckman have proudly supplied the market with quality hardtops for Toyota pick-ups combined with excellent customer service.

The Truckman Grand, which is the best-selling luxury model on the market, is now available for the 2016 Hilux, as well as the Truckman GLS and S-Series, which are all in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

Designed to incorporate a range of features, each of the new hardtops transform the truck bed into a secure and flexible storage space.  The Grand’s high quality specification includes new hidden seal design and tailgate configuration plus remote central locking, roof bars, sliding bulk-head window, automatic interior light, tinted windows and vinyl lining.

Among the key features of the new Truckman GLS are its sliding side windows, which can increase ventilation to the truck bed while maintaining its high level of security with heavily-tinted safety glass which is ideal for dog owners.

Providing increased accesses to the truck bed, without compromising security is the new Truckman S-Series, which is available with either gull wing opening side-tinted windows or solid side doors.  Also among its features are remote central locking, carpet lining, automatic interior light and sliding interior bulkhead window.

The range will be completed by the British-built Truckman RS, which is available to pre-order now and enters production in the coming months. The Truckman RS boasts the new hidden seal design, solid sides and is highly adaptable to enable the truck bed to become a mobile workshop with the ability to add accessories such as beacons, wiring and vents. As standard the RS is fitted with a LED automatic interior light.

Mike Wheeler, Managing Director of Auto Styling Truckman, said: “We are very proud of our new Truckman range for the 2016 Hilux and that it has been approved by Toyota GB.  It cements Truckman’s long-standing relationship with Toyota GB as a trusted and quality manufacturer of accessories that enhance their excellent pick-up trucks.

“The Toyota Hilux is one of the cornerstones of the UK pick-up truck market and the 2016 model will continue its legacy among business and leisure owners who can increase the functionality and styling of their vehicle with the addition of a member of the new Truckman hardtop range.”



Truckman’s new British-Built commercial hardtop and accessory range impressed the industry-experts at the UK’s largest Commercial Vehicle Show to date.

More than 20,000 delegates, made up of fleet managers, pick-up manufacturers, contractors and 4x4 enthusiasts, attended the show, which provided a fantastic platform to showcase Truckman’s exciting new product range.

At the three-day event, which was held at the NEC Birmingham, the expert manufacturer and supplier of 4x4 accessories exhibited new hardtops for the new 2016 Toyota Hilux, Nissan NP300 Navara, Ford Ranger, as well as the Isuzu D-Max and VW Amarok – all of which generated a phenomenal amount of interest.

Visitors were impressed to see and hear how the new Truckman commercial hardtops are designed, engineered and manufactured by hand at their Dudley factory.

There was particular interest in the new Toyota Hilux which is due to be launched in the next few months, and the newly launched NP300, both of which Truckman are able to offer a comprehensive range of hardtops and accessories.

Truckman’s next appearance will be at Automechanika Frankfurt in September but are also looking forward to another bigger and better CV Show in 2017. In the meantime, customers can contact the Truckman team on or 01384 485 405.

Mike Wheeler, Managing Director of Auto Styling Truckman, said: “The CV Show always provides an excellent opportunity to network and share the latest product developments in the automotive industry.

"This year’s show was particularly impressive and our team enjoyed sharing our innovations with a record crowd. We invest a great deal of time and effort perfecting our British-built products and were delighted with the reception they received.2



Auto Styling Truckman are the exclusive UK distributors of the first aluminum tonneau cover to facilitate the fitting of an optional styling roll bar.

Designed to fit all existing Double Cab and Extra Cab models for the leading pick-up truck marques, the new stylish Upstone tonneau cover provides a stylish and functional way to create a robust and secure storage space in the bed of the vehicle.

Currently the only product on the market that has been manufactured to facilitate the addition of a styling roll bar, the cover features a non-drill mounting system for a hassle-free installation – the product does however include a device to allow the tonneau and vehicle tailgate to be locked together. This device does require a four small holes to be drilled on the inside of the tailgate, but it does make the whole cargo area secure.

As well as creating a secure and weather proof space for tools and materials, the tonneau can also help improve fuel consumption by reducing the drag caused by wind turbulence in the open bed while moving.

Designed to complement the style and finish of the cover, a new Upstone styling roll bar has also been introduced, which doesn’t impair the cover’s ability to easily open and close. Ideal for both leisure and commercial use, the Upstone tonneau cover and styling roll bars are available in silver and a striking black aluminum.

Mike Wheeler, Managing Director of Auto Styling Truckman, said: “For many pick-up truck owners it’s important to achieve a blend of style and function, which is why the two new Upstone products are ideal for our customers.”


AST-Open Grill Door

Auto Styling Truckman has designed and manufactured a new ‘open metal grill’ hardtop door for the Isuzu D-Max and Mitsubishi L200 which will significantly improve the pick-ups’ ventilation for agricultural customers.

The West Midlands-based company spotted a hole in the market for a secure open grill hardtop door that allows farmers, land owners and estate managers to transport animals and equipment whilst also complementing the style of the vehicle.

The optional open grill door, made from galvanised and powder coated steel, increases the circulation of air – a feature greatly appreciated by customers who have dogs.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the UK, the new rear door is designed to be fitted to the solid sided and secure Truckman RS hardtop, which is fully customisable to meet the varying needs of customers with bespoke requirements including vents, beacons and roof bars.

Mike Wheeler, Managing Director at Auto Styling Truckman, said: “The addition of the new open grill door on the Truckman RS means that our agricultural customers can transport their animals in a well ventilated hardtop without having to compromise the stylish feature of their pick-up. We also had estate managers and customers who shoot in mind when designing this new door.”



Auto Styling Truckman has ramped up production of its hardtops for the new 2016 Ford Ranger to support dealer and customer demand, as well as adding the new colour Pride Orange to the range of colour options available.

Offering business and leisure Ford Ranger owners the most comprehensive range of hardtops on the market, Auto Styling Truckman carries extensive stock in its new 100,000sqft warehouse to ensure they can supply its customers’ hardtop and accessory needs.

Designed at its factory in the West Midlands, the hardtops are part of Auto Styling Truckman’s long tradition of supplying a broad range of 4x4 accessories for the Ford Ranger.

Truckman’s Luxury range includes the Grand, the GLS and the S-Series, which are designed for private and commercial customers looking for a secure and stylish hardtop to suit their work and lifestyle and complement the stylish new Ranger.

Truckman’s British-Built Commercial range includes the Classic, Utility and RS, which are suited to fleet managers and field based engineers (e.g. agriculture, off-highway construction and the utilities industry). The Truckman Classic is available in double, super and single-cab variants, and the RS and Utility hardtops are available for double and super-cab.

The full range can be found at Auto Styling Truckman’s website, or the Truckman website

Mike Wheeler, Managing Director of Auto Styling Truckman, said: “Our established and market-tested range of Truckman hardtops that will fit the 2016 Ford Ranger will be a real advantage to Ford dealers and their customers.  We have been increasing our stock-holding of the range, which can be dispatched with a rapid order turnaround, to support the high levels of customer service dealerships offer.

“The refinements Ford made to the current model made the Ranger more appealing to a wider audience, which will no doubt continue with the facelifted 2016 version.  This influenced the styling and diversity of our large range of hardtops, which have proven popular with the market.”



Auto Styling Truckman will showcase the new and exciting commercial hardtop and accessory range at the industry-leading event, the Commercial Vehicle Show, and invite all attendees to visit their stand at 4G11.

Taking place on 26 – 28 April at the NEC Birmingham, the event will see the West Midlands-based company exhibit its new hardtops for the new 2016 Ford Ranger, Nissan NP300 Navara, Toyota Hilux, as well as the Isuzu D-Max and VW Amarok.

The new robust British-Built commercial hardtops on show will include the iconic high capacity solid sided Truckman Classic, the high capacity with all-round side access Truckman Utility (ideal for racking) and the cab high Truckman RS with solid sides - as well as accessories such as beacons, roof vents, door options, etc.

Amongst the range, will also be the bestselling hardtop from the Luxury range, the stylish Truckman Grand with pop-out side windows and the bestselling Jack Rabbit tonneau cover.

Auto Styling Truckman, the UK’s leading expert manufacturer and supplier of 4x4 accessories, is encouraging delegates to visit stand number 4G11 to see how Truckman can meet their product and supply needs in 2016/2017 and get technical advice on how they can improve the security and versatility of pick-up trucks from its friendly team over a coffee.

Among the 20,000 delegates will be fleet managers, dealerships, contractors, and field-based engineers, which will provide a strong platform for networking and commercial discussions.  

Mike Wheeler, Managing Director of Auto Styling Truckman, said: “The CV Show has come at an exciting time for the business and provides us with the perfect opportunity to showcase our latest hardtops and accessories to the commercial vehicle sector.

“We have invested heavily in our UK production facilities and are continuing to expand and adjust our offering to the market as the needs of our customers evolve. Our commitment to British manufacturing is something that we take great pride in, and allows us to design and produce high-quality, secure products that meet and exceed the requirements of customers operating vehicles in tough and off-highway environments.”



Auto Styling Truckman has extended its range of commercial hardtops for the Isuzu D-Max with the introduction of two new highly-resilient and versatile canopies.

The Truckman RS and Utility tops are designed, engineered and manufactured at their factory in the West Midlands.

Now available for the Isuzu D-Max Double Cab, the Truckman RS is a fifth-generation hardtop, which appeals to both commercial and leisure markets based on its practical features and stylish design.

Solid sided for additional security, the Truckman RS features a wipe-clean interior, high gloss finish, tinted and toughened rear glass door and non-drill clamp fitting to limit additional drilling to the vehicle.

Available in a range of Isuzu model colour codes, the Truckman RS can also be adapted to feature options such as beacons, vents and a variety of secure rear doors – which offers a great choice for both business and private users.

The hard-working Truckman Utility top has become a popular option for fleet managers and specifiers in off-highway industries operating in sectors such as power distribution, telecoms, construction and railway track maintenance.

The Truckman Utility enables technicians to transform their pick-up into a mobile workshop and operate in off-road situations with complete access to their securely loaded tools and equipment.

It is designed for the Double Cab and Extended Cab pick-ups and offers high capacity and maximum space for racking and all-round access through the gull wings.  It also features a conduit system for bespoke wiring to increase the level of equipment that can be utilised by field-based engineers.

Mike Wheeler, Managing Director of Auto Styling Truckman, said: “The new Truckman RS and Utility models reflect Isuzu’s commitment to practicality and style while providing optimum levels of durability and flexibility that’s required by fleet specifiers and field engineers.

“From our West Midlands-factory we have developed a range of British-designed and British-built hardtops that meet the challenges of industries operating in tough environments. With the addition of these new hardtops to our range, D-Max owners now have a wider choice of options to increase the storage and security of their pick-ups.”



Auto Styling Truckman has unveiled two new luxury hardtops for the Isuzu D-Max, allowing customers to personalise and increase the security and practicality of their pick-up truck.

The new Truckman GLS and S-Series hardtops are the latest accessories to join the extensive range of Isuzu Approved canopies for the leisure market.  Designed to complement the styling of the D-Max while transforming the pick-up’s storage and security, both are available for the Double Cab and the GLS is available for the Extra Cab model.

Competitively priced, the Truckman GLS has been tailor-made for the sporty D-Max to complement the new stylish lines of the D-Max.

The GLS’ key feature is its sliding side windows, which enables the interior of the hardtop to be ventilated, an ideal solution for dog owners.  The inclusion of the windows hasn’t compromised the hardtop’s security as the heavily-tinted, high-specification safety glass can only be opened from the inside and the tailgate can be securely locked using the remote central locking.

For families or business users requiring additional access to the truck bed, the new Truckman S-Series can be purchased with the option of either Gull Wing opening side tinted windows or solid side doors.

The Truckman S-Series features a range of luxury and safety specifications including remote central locking, carpet lining, automatic interior light and an opening interior bulkhead window. The tailgate also features a rear tinted window and a stylish spoiler that complements the D-Max and includes an integral highly-visible brake light.

Auto Styling Truckman also offers a range of additional accessories for the Isuzu D-Max, including bed rugs and truck-bed integrated tool and storage boxes.

Mike Wheeler, Managing Director of Auto Styling Truckman, said: “Our luxury hardtops enhance the look and functionality of a pick-up truck and our latest additions to the Isuzu D-Max range offers owners a high-specification, secure and practical solution.
“As Isuzu-approved accessories, D-Max owners can be assured of the quality of our hardtops, which meet the high standards of Isuzu.”



Two adventurous employees at Brierley Hill-based Auto Styling Truckman, are preparing to tackle the gruelling 10km obstacle course at The Mud Yard to raise money for cancer charity, Myeloma UK.

Charlotte Needham, Account Manager from Kinver and Neil Scott, Field Sales Manager from Tipton, are hoping to raise £500 for the charity and have already undertaken a punishing training schedule to ensure they achieve their goal.

Taking place on 19 March at Drayton Manor Theme Park, The Mud Yard’s obstacle course will put the pair’s fitness to the test, with water crossings, muddy fields and a dense woodland area standing between them and the finish line.

Auto Styling Truckman, the UK’s leading 4x4 vehicle accessory manufacturer and distributor, is a long-term supporter of Myeloma UK, and has previously sponsored its charity ball, which helped to raise more than £28,000.

Myeloma UK is the only organisation in the UK dealing exclusively with myeloma. It provides information and support to patients and their families and help myeloma patients live longer, with a better quality of life by accelerating the discovery, development of and access to new treatments.

Charlotte said: “It is a challenging course but Neil and I determined to get to the finishing line and raise as much money possible for Myeloma.”

If you would like to support Charlotte and Neil’s fundraising efforts, please visit -

For more information on Myeloma, please visit



Auto Styling Truckman has opened its order book for the brand new Truckman hardtop range - developed specifically for the new 2016 Nissan NP300 Navara.

The first hardtops off the production line are the bestselling luxury model, the Truckman Grand and the commercial model, the Truckman RS.

The Truckman Grand comes with high quality standard specification including remote central locking, heated rear door, roof bars, sliding bulk-head window, 
automatic interior light, tinted windows and vinyl lining - making it the ultimate NP300 accessory.

Designed and engineered in the UK, the Truckman Grand is one of the most fully featured hardtops on the market and the new design hides the bed seal from view 
giving the appearance of a cleaner line between the vehicle and the hardtop, which 
complement the stylish new design of the NP300 perfectly.

Already the best-selling hardtop in the Truckman range, the Grand has seen its design enhanced for the new Navara.

The Truckman RS is designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK and boasts solid sides, which is ideal for commercial business users looking for additional and 
secure storage. It is also highly adaptable enabling businesses to transform the truck bed into a mobile workshop with the ability to add accessories such as beacons, wiring and vents.

Mike Wheeler, Managing Director of Auto Styling Truckman, said: "The Truckman team in the West Midlands have been working hard on the new and improved NP300 hardtop range for over 12 months, so we’re delighted to finally open the order book.

"The Grand and the RS are the first in our range, with additional models being added very soon. There has already been considerable interest in our new hardtops and we 
will ensure that we have a large stock of hardtops in order to meet demand.  In addition, we have invested heavily in our production facilities in the West Midlands, which have the capacity to meet large orders from commercial customers."

For additional information and to order a Truckman Grand for the new Nissan Navara NP300 hardtop, please visit or email